Birmingham Surface Grinder WSG-1225AHD

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- Column: enlarged, double wall, strongly ribbed column, 
especially suitable for heavy duty grinding
- Construction: construction of table, saddle and base is casted 
with high grade casting iron, strongly ribbed
- Spindle: Enlarged spindle set is supported by 4 pieces of 
preloaded precision angular contact ball bearings for heavy 
- Slideways: Vertical, cross (double vees) and logitudinal (one vee 
& one flat) slideways are coated with Turcite-B, 
provides stable movement and durable accuracy.
- Automatic Continous Lubrication System: All slideways and 
screws are fully oiled by automatic continuous lubrication
system to eliminate wears on slideways & screws.
- Cross Feed: ball screw for cross travel, powered by AC motor
- Vertical Feed: Powered by servo motor
- Hydraulic Table: table speed ranges 5-25m/min. with rack and 
pinion table drive for hand operation
- Proximity Switch: provide built-in-type (hidden) proximity 
switch, features safe and easy operation
- Table Speed Control: Presettable hydraulic table speed control 
allows operator to pre-set speed rate, enable to get 
same speed rate when engaging hydraulic table every time
- Hand Wheels: zero-setting slip-rings with vernier on vertical 
handwheel, and vernier on crossfeed handwheel

Table size: 12" x 25"
Max. longitudinal travel: 30"
Max. distance from spindle center to table: 23"
Magnetic chuck size: 11.8" x 23.6"
Speed of table longitudinal movement (in/min): 280" - 1000"
Table traverse movement - 
Auto Feed(in/min): 0.004" x 0.3"
Rapid Speed(in/min): 39"
Feed of Handwheel(in/div): 0.0008"
Wheelhead vertical movement - 
Auto Feed(in/stroke): 0.0002" - 0.002"
Rapid Speed(in/min): 18"
Feed of Handwheel(in/div): 0.0002"
Grinding wheel - 
Speed (60hz): 1,750 RPM
(OD x W x ID) Size: 13.8" x 1.6" x 5"
Motor of spindle: 10 hp
Max. loading capacity of table (include magnetic chuck): 600 lbs.
Overall dimension (L x W x H): 112" x 88" x 74.4"
Weight: 6,170 lbs.

Standard Equipment:
- Grinding wheel
- Grinding wheel flange
- Wheel balance arbor
- Diamond wheel dresser
- Working light system
- Toolbox
- Hoisting set
- Leveling pads
- Coolant/dust collect system
- Standard permanent magnetic chuck

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